From Google – SEO Is Not Spam

Matt Cutts, Google’s head of spam has stated publicity that SEO is not spam and ‘there are many valid ways of making the world a better place with SEO’ – find out more.

SEO is Not Spam – stated by Matt Cutts. Although we and other ethical professionals in the SEO have known this for many years, it has now been made ‘official’ by the Search Engine giant. SEO has long suffered a public relations problem due to a small number of companies acting unethically but the Google spokesperson has dispelled the misconception that SEO has no legitimacy or authenticity.

Google has long supported white hat SEO with the publication of their Search Engine Optimisation Starter Guide, their Help Articles and Webmaster videos. White hat SEO is traffic built in a natural and organic way in accordance with Search Engines guidelines and vice versa, black hat SEO is when techniques are employed which are not within the specified procedures. This may result in a website being penalised or even banned.

In this 4-minute Webmaster video from Matt Cutts, he dismisses the comments that Search Engine Optimisation is spam, and touches on some of the basics of white hat or ethical SEO practices.

The Google expert says there are a lot of valid things that SEO experts do from deciding on the initial site technical infrastructure to optimising your site to get the most return on investment and getting ‘more bang for your buck’. The whole premise behind SEO is improving the search experience for users and SEO companies Matt Cutts says that Search Engines to find and index pages better. These white hat SEO practices include:

  • Visibility – an SEO consultant can help you with making your pages visible or accessible to Search Engines so their robots can easily crawl over the site. This assists in indexing your pages as quickly as possible to be able to return these results to users and improve the integrity of search results.
  • Keywords – SEO experts can point you in the right direction to use keywords you should be thinking about. You may use industry jargon to describe your product offerings but an SEO expert can help you drill down and put a shortlist of keywords together that people use to find products and services like yours.
  • Useability – an SEO company can help make sure the design of the site is attractive to both users and for Search Engines. It’s an exercise in futility if your website has high visibility and low useability. All that will happen is that visitors will bounce off your site and move onto your competitor’s or another site that is easy to navigate.
  • Site speed – an SEO company can help you improve your page speed. Not only does Google use site speed in their ranking algorithms but if you can make your site run faster, that can make it a much better experience for visitors. Not only does it equate to higher useability, a faster site also saves money on operating costs.

Now that we know that SEO is not spam, Matt Cutts still advises that you still have to be careful when choosing your SEO company to partner with you in your internet marketing campaigns. SEO Works is one of Australia’s leading SEO companies and we have built our business on a foundation of transparency and honesty. Contact us today and find out how we can enhance the optimisation of your site through white hat SEO.

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