Google SEO – Maximising Organic Results & Rankings

How many keywords would you like your website to be on page 1 of Google for?

Do you want your website to turn up on the first page of Google for just a couple of keyword phrases…or nearly all of the ones you need?

We recently ran a simple test…we selected the 30-odd most popular SEO and Search Engine Optimisation-related keyword phrases and checked how many times the SEO Works web site turned up on the first page of Google for these terms.

And the answer? 23 times and the rest we were on page 2 (although only SEO geeks like us ever look at page 2!)

We then checked out our competition… the above chart tells it like it is…a few SEO companies had between 10 and 15 appearances, and then it dropped away very quickly.

And the conclusion? If you are happy turning up on page 1 of Google for a few of your keyword phrases, then you could choose any of the best SEO companies…but if you want to increase web site traffic by turning up for nearly all your keyword phrases…choose SEO Works as your SEO partner.

If we can achieve these results in one of the most SEO-competitive segments there is…then we think we can do it for your website too…

The Keywords…

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