SEO Web Design – Five Ways To Improve Yours

Improving your SEO Web design is an important part of your internet marketing strategy to stay relevant in the eyes of Search Engines.

Search Engine Optimisation is an ongoing process whether you’re launching a new website, redesigning your website or optimising an existing website; there are always improvements you can make to your SEO Web design. Here are five simple things you can do to boost your Search Engine ranking and also enhance the functionality and improve the useability of your website design.

Improve The Site Speed

Your Search Engine ranking on Google is determined by over 200 criteria and site speed is one of those factors. Site speed reflects how quickly a website responds to web requests. Research done by Google shows that people surfing the net have a tendency to spend less time on a website that is running slowly. Google lists several tools to evaluate your site speed on its blog. Not only is site speed important for SEO Web design, it also improves the useability of your website.

Integrate HTML In Your Flash Website

The jury is out on whether Flash is friend or foe to your SEO Web design but keep in mind that Flash based sites can take longer to load. There is a compromise that can be reached between Flash and SEO. Most SEO companies would be reluctant to recommend a website that consisted entirely of one Flash file. There are ways to get around this – one way is creating an HTML site and strategically integrating Flash files as well as aesthetic imagery into the site or duplicating Flash links with HTML.

Incorporate A SEO Friendly CMS

Static websites are a no no both for customers and Search Engine spiders alike. When looking at your SEO Web design, it is important to incorporate an SEO friendly CMS into your design if you are looking to update your website content more than once a month. Not only should the CMS be easy to use in terms of adding, revising and archiving Web pages, it should also allow you to edit filenames, meta data such as titles & descriptions, headings and the on-page elements to enhance the Search Engine visibility of your website.

Add A Company Blog

Adding a blog is a central component of your SEO Web design and gives you the opportunity to add fresh and original content to your website. Search Engines give a preference to websites that are continually updated and blog articles are just another opportunity to add keyword-rich content to your website. Creating interesting articles that resonate with your audience will also help optimise your website as quality websites will link back to you and enhance your link profile.

Optimise Your Images

Search Engines cannot read images so while images are important there needs to be a good balance of text and images on your website. Image SEO is often ignored in the ongoing battle for Search Engine page #1 dominance but this is an important part of your SEO Web design. Remember that searches on Google Images are also an important referrer of traffic to websites. Images must be resized for the Web and optimised with ALT and TITLE attributes.

Search Engines are constantly releasing new products, improving their existing products or changing the search algorithms to improve the integrity of search for users. Monitoring your SEO cannot be underestimated in the ongoing success of a website and to remain relevant in the eyes of Search Engines. Contact us if you would like to know more about how to improve the Search Engine Optimisation of your website and the SEO Web design.

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