Survey Highlights SEO as Most Important Small Business Marketing Channel

SMBs (small to medium businesses) say when it comes to small business marketing strategy; SEO is the most important for their company.

Small business marketingMerchant Circle, the largest online network of local business owners in the world recently released its seventh Merchant Confidence Index Survey conducted in November which revealed that the SMBs felt that SEO was the most important channel for their small business marketing. The survey conducted last month was sent to the 1,600,000 plus strong membership base and received roughly 2,500 responses.

One of the notable questions asked in the survey as reported by Search Engine Land was: “If you had to put all your marketing time and budget into only one channel, what would it be?” An overwhelming 32.9% of the respondents named Search Engine Optimisation as the marketing tool they would invest money in. The list of choices included SEO, paid search, mobile, social and traditional media as seen below:

Small business marketingIt is interesting to see a shift from traditional media as the most important marketing strategy to SEO as SMBs recognise the significance and weight of internet marketing and what it can do for their company. If you would like to explore how you can incorporate SEO into your small business marketing campaigns, contact SEO Works to find out how optimising your website can drive on and offline sales and boost your overall revenue.

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