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Creating your ecommerce website with BigCommerce? seoWorks has the experts and the experience with BigCommerce Search Engine Optimisation that you need…

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Over the years we have worked with more than 50 ecommerce and shopping cart platforms, each with their strengths and many with enormous Search Engine Optimisation hurdles built into their infrastructure by well-meaning developers. And when we were first introduced to we were sceptical – how can a humungous Software As A Service (SaaS) solution possibly be Search Engine-friendly? But it is…

Features You Should Know

  • Title tags can be unique to every page and product
  • Image alt tags for all images
  • Search engine friendly links
  • Customizable page URLs
  • 301 redirects and URL rewrites – makes transitioning from another ecommerce platform a breeze
  • Editable robots.txt file
  • CSS and Javascript files hosted on fast CDNs
  • Prioritized XML sitemap that auto-feeds to Google
  • Microdata formatting built in
  • And more…

However, Under The Hood, You Still Need Some Insider Knowledge

  • If you are using your own domain name, don’t forget to set the Bigcommerce default to – Bigcommerce then redirects back to the www version. As most websites by default will link to, this maximises your incoming link benefits and minimises any possibility of duplicate content issues with the Search Engines
  • Like most ecommerce sites, there are lots of links to your shopping cart and login pages – you can suppress some of these via the Settings section, however, many people do not realise that this only suppresses the display of these links, but the links remain in the background, continuing to dilute your valuable “link juice” flowing through to your most important pages; the best way to manage this better is to have your developer remove these links from the page templates

The above are just a couple of the more obvious refinements to take into consideration (you didn’t think we would give you the entire box and dice did you?) So, although the power of Bigcommerce is now in your hands (or on your screen), there are still many components that such a significant system requires in the set up and launch phase. Which is why you came looking for us.

Why Choose Us As Your BigCommerce SEO Partner

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  • We know Bigcommerce in depth and have advised clients with product ranges from 500 to 10,000+ products
  • We have “tidied up” after other SEO firms have thrown in the towel and we have gone on to dominate ecommerce segments with Bigcommerce
  • We know how to work with professional Bigcommerce developers to guide them along the Search Engine Optimisation path
  • We drive online revenues with Bigcommerce

And In Case You Are Also Looking For Some BigCommerce Web Designs For Inspiration…

Bigcommerce SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Bigcommerce SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Bigcommerce SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Bigcommerce SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

So Choose seoWorks!

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seoWorks is your Bigcommerce SEO specialist. We have a team of SEO experts who have the experience you need, and have already optimised Bigcommerce-based websites for our high profile clients with great success. Find out more about our ecommerce SEO Packages and how we can optimise your online business, enhance your Search Engine visibility and improve your conversion rate through Bigcommerce SEO.


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