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Building an ecommerce website with Magento? seoWorks has the experience and expertise with Magento Search Engine Optimisation that you need…

So you either already have a Magento ecommerce website, or you are building one and now you are looking for Magento SEO experts…and now you have found your Search Engine Optimisation partner. You know that you have a highly Search Engine-friendly platform built on open-source technology that can be fully customised, but you also know that this very powerful resource can also be a bit of a beast…which is why you need the team here at seoWorks.

With Magento as your ecommerce platform you have access to a very powerful infrastructure and useful resources that ensure that your site is fast, efficient and user-friendly. From an SEO perspective, Magento is highly Search Engine-friendly (although our vote for THE most Search Engine-friendly ecommerce platform goes to Bigcommerce) …but there are some key intricacies with Magento that need to be refined to ensure that you gain maximum Search Engine visibility.

Key Points To Consider…

  • From the very first time you gain access to the Admin area familiarise yourself with the System > Configuration section as there are many key elements you need to select rather than utilise the default – one of the critical ones is under > Web > Search engine Optimization > where you need to select “Yes” to Use Web Server Rewrites which allows the system to then create Search Engine-friendly (and visitor-friendly) and keyword-rich URLs
  • Importantly, expand the Unsecure and Secure tabs and set your Base URL – we always recommend the version rather than the as although both work, most websites by default will link to you using the www version; then make sure that you 301 redirect the non-www version to the www version
  • In the same section, set your “Home” page to the one you or your developers have created (usually a CMS page)
  • Always check your System > Configuration > General > Design settings and be prepared to put in the “hard yards” when creating your products – each needs a unique <title> and <meta name=”description” content=”Write your unique description here”> in order to not only rank well, but also to compel searchers to click
  • Turn on rel=”canonical” so as to minimise the Search Engine’s potentially seeing that your site appears to be full of duplicate content and then selecting the wrong page to index
  • Under General > Design > HTML Head add your default <title> and meta description – just so that when you are uploading content and your pages get spidered before you have manually updated your <title>s you at least have something in place until the pages get reindexed
  • On launch, ensure that your “Default Robots” is set to “Index, Follow” – many times we have seen sites where the developer has forgotten to switch the setting from “Noindex, Nofollow” during development and the client is wondering why the site has dropped off the radar

The above are just a few of the more obvious elements to consider (you didn’t expect us to give the whole farm away did you?) So, although the power of Magento is now in your hands (or at your keyboard), there are many elements that such a powerful solution requires in the configuration phase. Which is why you came looking for us.

Why Choose Us As Your Magento SEO Partner

  • We know Magento intimately and have advised clients with sites from 500 to 10,000+ products
  • We have “tidied up” after other SEO companies have given up and we have helped our clients gone on to dominate their ecommerce segment with Magento
  • We know how to work with experienced Magento developers to guide them along the Search Engine Optimisation path
  • We get results with Magento

And In Case You Are Also Looking For Some Magento Design Inspiration

Magento SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Magento SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Magento SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Magento SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

So Choose seoWorks!

seoWorks is your Magento Search Engine Optimisation specialist. We have a team of SEO experts who have the experience you need, and have already optimised Magento-based websites for our high profile clients with great success. Find out more about our ecommerce SEO Packages and how we can optimise your online business, enhance your Search Engine visibility and improve your conversion rate through Magento SEO.


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