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SEO Marketing (or Search Engine Optimisation Marketing) is the science of maximising your website’s search engine positioning for keyword phrases that are critically relevant to increasing your web site traffic, escalating your sales leads and growing your online revenues…

Welcome to SEO Works, where we put your website SEO marketing in tune with the Search Engines!

You have more than likely arrived or “landed” on this page here directly from a Search Engine…and you have now discovered the effect that a tightly focused landing page can have when internet browsers are looking for a keyword-rich phrase such as “SEO marketing” or “search engine optimisation marketing”…now you can navigate around our site and find out what SEO Works can do for those keyword phrases you really want to aim at for your own website…

Why you need SEO Marketing or Search Engine Optimisation Marketing

  • Ninety-three per cent of internet users look no further than the first two pages of search engine results. Most prefer to use another keyword phrase or even another search engine rather than click past the first ten results. Your business cannot succeed if you’re not found in those first few results.
  • One third of users think that websites found on the first page of the search results are the marketing leaders for their particular products ranges
  • SEO Marketing has been proven to deliver a higher ROI than pay-per-click, banner advertising or even email marketing

Important Search Engine Optimisation Marketing issues to consider

  • Ensure that the approach, strategies and techniques that are planned are dynamic enough to mould to the specific requirements of your website
  • Be wary of so-called “free” services and “guaranteed results”; you don’t see this offered by your lawyer or accountant, nor should you expect this from your SEO professional
  • Be prepared to regular, interesting and fresh content as this can build a stronger linking interest and encourage more return visitors
  • Understand that great SEO Marketing results take time to achieve but are also long lasting
  • Ask how many are on the SEO team, who exactly is going to be working on your project and ensure that you meet with or talk to them before committing to an SEO program
  • Set specific targets and goals, after all, this space is probably the most measurable of all media when it comes to assessing ROI

And be prepared to put some effort into learning about Search Engine Optimisation and SEO Marketing yourself, just as you would if you were investing in any other professional services field.


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