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The Most Search Engine-Friendly CMS

Content Management Systems

Your choice of CMS can impact the SEO of your website. That’s why our preferred CMS is WordPress. Its an open source, license free platform with over 70 million installations worldwide and is the most Search Engine-friendly solution we know. The CMS features include:

Content Management

  • Add, remove or edit pages and images with ease
  • Instantly create new pages and sections with no additional costs
  • Multiple templates allow for varying layouts whilst preserving your main design principles
  • Previous page versions and all content remains in a database. Which is useful in the event that you make an error or simply wish to revert to a previous version
  • Browser based access means you can conveniently edit pages from any PC, from home or on the road


  • Up to three tiers of navigation all managed via the CMS – additional tiers available

Image Management & Video

  • Upload, manage and edit multiple images within the uncomplicated media library
  • Apply images from library to multiple pages
  • Manage and edit slideshow image transitions on each page
  • Use the simple system to embed and link to video viewers such YouTube

Multiple Languages

  • Capable of efficiently handling content in multiple languages

Site Statistics

  • The easy integration of tools such as Google Analytics and Search console make tracking your website performance simple.


  • Can handle multiple site forms for various enquiries
  • Enquiries can be emailed to your choice of different or multiple addresses
  • Your website enquiry database records are downloadable which can be reviewed for conversion analysis
  • Easily incorporate an Opt in checkbox and grow your customer database

Additional Modules

  • WordPress SEO module
  • Ad Rotator Module
  • Advanced Forms Module
  • Blog Module
  • CRM Integration Module
  • Email Marketing Module
  • FAQ Module
  • Guest Reviews Module
  • Mobile Module
  • Special Offers Module
  • Testimonials Module
  • Web Booking Engine Integration

CMS Training

Although WordPress is very user-friendly, our experts can provide up to eight hours training for your team members. We cover how to add, edit and upload content and images. The training is conducted via teleconference with screen sharing, making it very easy to follow and an effective program for every skill level.

Our experienced team has designed and developed 200+ WordPress websites so we know the platform intimately; if you are looking for genuine WordPress SEO experts, then contact us today.


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