SEO Strategy

Developing an SEO Strategy and then mapping the tactics into an executable plan is essential if you want to succeed online…

seoWorks specialises in developing effective Search Engine Optimisation strategies. We provide SEO services across diverse range of business sectors including banks, insurance companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers and online shopping or eCommerce websites.

Usually commencing with an SEO Audit, we examine the full range of opportunities surrounding the four core elements of Search Engine Optimization:

  • Keyword research – analysing and selecting keywords with the best ROI
  • Technical infrastructure – how a search engine accesses your web pages
  • Content – both “on page” and “code based” content targeting
  • Link profile – external and internal quality, range, depth and scale

The resulting data from this audit is incorporated into the planning of strategies based on projected Return On Investment (ROI). From there, depending on the scale of the project or website, the outcomes and strategies are prioritised and placed into an implementation schedule.

When You Should Get Us On Board

For new websites, particularly ecommerce or high volume media sites, developing an SEO strategy and plan should be undertaken at the earliest possible stage. Preferably before the selection of your web developers and especially before deciding on a Content Management System (CMS), product catalogue and shopping cart software. Selecting the wrong technical platform can mean the difference between online success and Search Engine invisibility.

Mature websites can often come to a stand still or what we call the “SEO Plateau Effect”. This is where traffic growth starts to slow down and your online revenues stagnate. Our Digital Analysts have worked across a wide range of industries, so their experience and expertise will result in the development of an effective SEO Strategic Plan so your web site can push past this “natural” barrier.

The cost of developing an SEO Strategy can widely vary. The scale of the site, current traffic levels, the competition and the complexity of the technology currently in place are all taken into consideration. We provide an accurate estimate at the beginning based on the anticipated hours required which normally only varies if the scope of works changes or a major issue is identified. Most importantly, our fees represent a relatively small investment in relation to the growth in traffic and revenues typically achieved as a result of developing an SEO Strategy with seoWorks.

Deliverable Outcomes

With our comprehensive SEO Strategy report you will have an actionable plan to achieving an increase in online visibility and revenues. So, if you are developing a new ecommerce website, or you need to breathe new life into your existing online presence, then we have the experience and the resources to help you maximise the potential of your web site. Naturally, having assisted you with the development of your strategic direction, we would be happy to assist you with the implementation of our recommendations, either on a simple hourly-rate basis or as part of a more comprehensive consulting program.


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